People are so unbelievably stupid today.

And creepy.

My mom and I went into the shop today to find out that it’s been flooded.  Yep.  A pipe from upstairs leaked warm, soapy water.  We begged and pleaded with their waiters (of the Mexican restaurant upstairs), then I called the landlord so that he could call the owner of the restaurant.  He came by in a heartbeat and looked at it, turned off the water that goes into that pipe.  He’s a cool guy, but the people who work for him are just… Idiots.

And people keep asking me stupid questions via Twitter.  One of them was so creepy.  One of my friends was having a rough day, so I at-replied her an “internet hug.”  This dude replies, “Where my hug?”  Dude, you don’t even know either of us!  Ugh.  And yeah, that’s a straight quote.  I told him what was up.  “Yea butt how u?”  I am not even going to respond to that.

I can blame it on the past three days being extremely overcast, but really.  *sigh*  People.


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