Thoughts From Places: Playlist Live 2011

I meant to make a video, but that never happened (lazy), so here’s a blog post.

I was quite nervous going into Playlist.  I thought I’d end up hanging out alone, being the awkward person just outside the circle.  But when Friday morning rolled around and my friends were sending me at-replies on Twitter asking when I’d be there, it warmed my heart and melted away the nervousness.

These are the people who make events like these worthwhile.  It’s like going from one home (the place you live and love your family) to another home (where you get to hang out with the most inspiring people and have an amazing time with your friends).  If it weren’t for my friends, I really would have had an awful time.  There were times when the moment seemed to have been going down the toilet, and then on Saturday night… BAAM.  It was FRIENDSPLOSION 2011 in my room.  And it was magical and wonderful.

What I’m trying to say is, the quality of the time you have at an event isn’t dependent upon what is going on, as long as you are surrounded by good people.  They are your family.  Your home for the week(end).  And they will grow and inspire you like no one else ever has.


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