Places I’ve Lived: Part I

This is a play on Ryan’s Places I’ve Been: Part I.  I had at-replied a friend about Miami the other day, and Ryan had asked me when/how long I had lived there and where I had lived before then.  So this is a combination of those two.

1. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
I didn’t necessarily live here for long.  My dad had to go to some training for work, and so my mom thought it would be a better idea for me to be born there so that 1) My dad could be there and 2) we were much closer to a hospital than we would have been in Alaska.

2. Cold Bay, Alaska
My parents lived in Alaska for 8-9 years due to a job opening for my dad.  I didn’t live there long enough to remember anything, but I still count it as a place I’ve lived.

3.  Burlington, Mass.
We lived here for a good two years or maybe a little more.  This is where my sister was born.  We lived in a tiny house in which my brother, sister, and I shared a room.  When you’re little, you really don’t care, so it wasn’t a big deal.  One of my memories from living in Burlington was when we all got Chicken Pox.  My brother had it.  My mom told me not to play with him, but I did anyway, and then my sister got it as I had it, so we were both taking oatmeal baths together.

4. Charleston, West Virginia.
Probably the most gorgeous place, as far as natural aesthetics go.  You can do a 360 spin and just see mountains.  We lived here for 8-9 years.  My parents had a shop for the majority of the time, so most of my memories from living in Charleston revolve around hanging out at the shop and playing Barbies.  There were a LOT of Barbies.   We’d put on mini-plays in which my sister was the director.  Also, we did a lot of swimming and a lot of skiing.  Not at once, but we took lessons in both, so all three Vallish chillrens are good at skiing and swimming.

5.  Miami, Florida.
My dad moved there January 2001, and because of school, my mom, brother, sister and I moved down there May or June of that year.  It was a short time, but every day was filled with going to the pool, Miami sunsets,  LIZARDS, and friends.  We would occasionally go to the beach.  There are several down there, so it’s a nice variety!  We had some really weird neighbors who would go to the pool wearing next-to-nothing.  Seriously.  I know being tan is important to some people, but cover it up.  xD

6. Atlanta, GA
We moved to Atlanta, or really BACK to Atlanta for my parents.  They had lived here before they moved to Alaska.  My mom felt this urge to move back to Atlanta to take care of her mom.  We got to spend some good time with my granny before the tragic car accident that killed  her and left my cousin in the hospital for… a month, I think?  It was her time to go, I believe.  Sure, she was nearly 70, but I think God wanted to save her from the majority of the pains of old age.  Anyway, we’ve been living here for almost ten years.  That’s insane.  I’ve never lived anywhere else for that long!  It feels weird not moving around every few years after having moved over six times (we’ve moved within states at times).


I don’t know what the future exactly holds as far as where I’ll be next.  I’m excited though because I feel like I need to be patient now, and then something big will happen.  Ya know?!


2 thoughts on “Places I’ve Lived: Part I

  1. Liz! Thank you for replying to my blog. I’m so happy that I now know all the cool different places you’ve lived. I’ve only ever lived in the same city, so I get really curious when people say they’ve moved around a lot. I love this description of West Virgina. Since I’ve always been a Florida boy, I always geek out when I see mountains. I’m also really sorry to hear about your grandmother, even though it was a while ago. On a lighter note, I, too, am so excited to see what places I will live in or visit in the future. The world is so vast, and opportunities are so spontaneous. 😀

    • Like I said, she’s better off! And yes, I geek out when I see mountains. Well, not Stone Mountain (monument in ATL) but y’know. There’s a quote somewhere about going west. I forget what it is, but it’s very similar to the “I go to seek the Great Perhaps” bit in LFA. ^_^

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