Dating advice from a champ.

Well, dating advice from someone who has been on a handful of dates and has had two boyfriends and is currently single.  But I’ve learned a lot in my 39 23 years.

Be patient.  Don’t rush into a romantic relationship before being friends.  You need that foundation.  It might also help you figure out if you actually like like the person.  If you catch my 5th grade lingo.

Don’t date someone who treats you like the dirt they walk on.  One of my friends asked if I’d ever date him.  He had some serious mental issues he needed to deal with at the time, and so I was trying to talk about it delicately.  So, I told him blatantly that I couldn’t and wouldn’t.  A few years later, I dated a guy who seemed really nice at the time, but then when he got super paranoid that I would cheat on him (like his ex had) he started ignoring me and if I didn’t do what he wanted me to, he would give me a serious cold shoulder.  Call that crap out.  That’s not fair to you and it isn’t setting a good dating example for your friends either.  Also, you won’t fix them, so it’s best to walk away if they don’t act like they want to be better.

Don’t sweat it.  Seriously, don’t be caught up in the “but I need a boyfriend/girlfriend” stuff.  I haven’t had a boyfriend in about two years, and seriously, I’m going to chill.  Not to say that I wouldn’t go on a date if a guy asked me, but I don’t want to make it this priority to find a cute guy and trap him.

Slackman said it right on his Twitter.  Let your personality develop and find out who YOU are before you define who you are in a relationship.

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