Be okay with you.

I was a lonely child.  I get lonely sometimes.  It makes me sad when I sit on the internet with no one to talk to.  Well, you know.  It’s like sitting by yourself at lunch.  Sometimes literally.

You know what’s awesome about being by yourself?  Being alone?  You can get lost in your thoughts, mediate, pray, talk out loud.  And if your lucky, you can sing.  Really loud.  And dance.  Only if you want to.

I wouldn’t advise half of those things in public though.  That could be a bit embarrassing.  Sitting alone in the cafeteria isn’t half-bad though.  Bring a book.  Get lost in thought while staring at your food.  Also, shrug it off.  That sounds weird, but crying about being alone isn’t going to bring you friends.  Honestly.

And depending on people isn’t going to help either.  Well, sure, have friends, but please know that they cannot always be there to encourage your happiness and nurture your friendships.  Unless you pay them large sums of money, but that’s another story for another blog post.  Anyway, although your friends may be awesome and supportive, they don’t have the emotional or physical ability to be there for you 24/7.  They’ve got other things to take care of.  This isn’t to say that they’ll never be there for you.  It’s just that you can’t expect your friends to encourage you to be happy all the time.  Y’know?

On that note, they can only encourage your happiness.  They cannot, in fact, make you happy.  Unless they have mind powers (and should therefore be reported to the authorities).  Your happiness is up to you.  You can achieve it.  I BELIEVE IN YOU.  See, I can’t make you happy, but I can believe that you can achieve it.  I can also sing you this song.  I can pray for you.  But you are the one who has to chose.

That was kind of all over the place but focused all at once, right?

Also, something that helped me: realizing that not only can I be okay hanging out with myself, but by this, I can get closer to God.  Because with God, you’re never alone.  If you don’t believe in God, that’s your own deal, but this is something that works for me.  When I want to be reminded of the joy I have, I think about how God found me (and humanity) worthy of sending his son down to stand toe-to-toe with sin and death so that we could have eternal life, free from sin, death, and loneliness.

Okay, this is long enough.  GOODNIGHT.


2 thoughts on “Be okay with you.

  1. Mind me asking a quick question? What was the song you linked to? I remain dead curious – its blocked in my country (copyright rules, right)…
    And you are also right. About being alone, and friends, and the uselessness of self-pity. Spot on.

    • Oh! Sorry. It’s “When you believe” by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. From the “Prince of Egypt” soundtrack.

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