We make plans all the time.  We set goals.  We think, “This is the way I’d like to see my life go.”

My Grandpa’s* 87th birthday is today (May 22) and he was mentioning that he never thought he’d make it to 87.  I think it was mostly that it’s very difficult to imagine that far ahead.  Sure, we can imagine that we’re old, grey-haired people, but that really didn’t exist when he was my age (23).  His dad died at the age of 50-something, so I’m sure that added to the equation.

Okay, not the point.  My mom turned to him and said, “God had a purpose for you.”

Grandpa went on to say that yeah, he felt like his life was very well planned out.  He was in the Air Force through two wars, went to college, married a nice Catholic girl, had a family.  That’s not to say that his life was free of complications, but he acknowledged that there was a plan for his life.

It’s neat to think that our lives have a purpose and a plan.  Not like there is some being that is controlling our lives, no.  But even when our lives seem chaotic, there is always something to hold onto whether it be love we find or the knowledge of the fact that there is a purpose for our lives.

*Grandpa is my dad’s dad.


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