Introduction Speech.

I presented an Introduction speech last week, so I thought I’d share the speech

Hello classmates! My name is Elizabeth Vallish. Last week, we introduced ourselves, and my interesting fact of sorts was that I enjoy posting videos to Youtube, particularly book reviews.

Now, I’m not YouTube famous, nor do I make hundreds of dollars from vlogging. But, I have grown a lot throughout my year and a half of making videos. I’ve gained a lot of confidence and speaking skills. I’ve learned how to coherently speak my thoughts and opinions in a manner than is interesting to my friends and viewers. Especially since I talk about books.

I haven’t always been able to organize my thoughts in such a way. In high school, I was very quiet and when I did talk, I stumbled over my words and was very soft spoken. Vlogging has almost forced me to break out of that shell and be more confident in the way I portray my thoughts. Also, if your stuttering on YouTube, you’ll most likely get negative comments asking you if you have a mental disability. And that’s a nice way of saying it.

Also because of the people I have connected with through vlogging and other vloggers, I feel as if it’s opened my mind to new ideas and observations about the world around me. On a daily basis I connect with people from all around the world, from all races, religions, philosophical beliefs. It’s broken me from my close-mindedness and allowed me to imagine people complexly.

This is all a part of me because it’s helped me grow into the person I am today. It has allowed me to both be an individual and connect with others. I can speak my ideas while feeling confident. I don’t have to pretend to be someone else, I can be me.

and the comments I received from my professor

Good job opening by greeting your audience and building interest by linking to something that most of your audience would be interested in: your presence on YouTube.

Excellent explanation of why this interested you.

Good inclusion of how vlogging has helped you build away from shyness and helped you build confidence.

Excellent description of how your vlogging experience has opened up your experience and self-confidence.

Good explanation of how live speaking makes you more nervous than speaking to a camera.

Remember to conclude and thank your audience.


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