Atlanta ConTour: Realizations and memories.

Tonight, I went to ConTour.  I almost didn’t because I have a speech I have to present tomorrow (which I just finished).  So so glad I didn’t skip out on ConTour.

Sure, I could comment on the awesome music and the fact that there are quite a few Nerdfighters in the Atlanta area (although they weren’t much into dancing).

When driving home, I had a realization.  The place I was driving to wasn’t really home.  Home is the place that makes you happy.  For me, it’s more like the situations that make me happy.  Hanging out with good friends that I’ve met through internet is home.

I know other people have mentioned this in vlogs and blogs, but it’s nice to not take pictures at events like this.  I’ve seen these guys play before through a viewfinder.  Let me tell you something, you experience something interesting when you aren’t taking pics or video.  You don’t just get to experience the music, but also your surroundings.  The people, the place.  It was just an interesting people-watching experience.  ^_^

Also, Madeline (Adel) and I have decided that we are not only twins but also siamese twins.  Upon this discovery, we asked Mike Lombardo and Jason Munday if siamese twins only had to buy one plane ticket.

There was a lot of hugging involved in this night.

And tomorrow, I get to tour the Sweetwater brewery.


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