Pre-VidCon things.

I feel like this week is going to be the busiest I’ve had thusfar.  I have to go get my car fixed from when I was rear-ended, I have to pack for a week-long trip to California, I have to study for two tests, read a book and write a paper, as well as organizing a group presentation.

I’ll go Friday for getting the car fixed.  It’s pretty much the whole backside.  The bumper got bent upward, the trunk has a dent and it got pushed up, and there are some scratches.  Let’s hope I can get it done before I leave.  Just… The sooner the better, right?

I was talking to my friend Laurel the other day about packing for VidCon.  We were talking about practicing for it.  That’s how excited we are.  I get to see people I haven’t seen for months, haven’t seen for a year, and people I haven’t met in-person yet.  I’m excited to be there for 6 days!  Technically five because I’ll be leaving at 7am on Sunday. Ugh, but it’s the price I pay if I want to be back on the east coast before 8pm.  Ooh!  and I get to rent a car for the first time.  I just need to be very careful because I hear LA traffic is 10 times worse than Atlanta traffic.

This post is so boring.  I promise the ones for the week of VidCon will be much more exciting.

blah blah blah school.


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