Pre-VidCon Day 1&2

Oh, I’m sort of doing this thing called BEDA.  I decided this before VidCon since I knew I’d want to recount those days.

So, Day One– also known as July 25– I flew from Atlanta to Chicago to Los Angeles.  The 3-1-1 rule that I was worried about was total BS.  I had three bags filled with bottles, and I wasn’t forced to throw anything away.  I think it’s just if you have anything more than 3 oz, they make you throw it out.  Buuuut I was just thankful that I wasn’t put through the body scanner.  That thing looked a bit like those hurricane simulators, but a little bit more, “We need this for scientific testing” trololo.

Something that is just silly about flying: They always give you this timeline.  “Oh, it’ll take us an hour and 55 minutes to get to Chicago.”  Then you land early.  OH BUT WAIT.  You’ll be sitting on the runway until the other plane leaves the gate you’re supposed to go to.  I just always find that a bit silly.

If you ever go to the Chicago O’Hare airport, go to one of those small places with the expensive food and get the tuna wraps.  They’re $4.99, but SO GOOD.  I cannot even.

I have no idea what we flew over to get from Chicago to LA, but there were some BORING views.  I think I saw the Rocky Mountains though.  This blog post is so exciting.

Ooookay, so I got to LAX and waited for Alexi.  We’re really awful when it comes to navigating airports, so it took me about 20 minutes to find out where she was in relation to where I was.  It was crazyyyy.  But we got to where we needed to be as well as having the interesting experience of the 405 during rush hour.  And then we got to go eat California Pizza Kitchen.  Delicious.

And then I fell asleep watching Tron.

Onto Day Two — We slept in and it was awesome.  I mean, we woke up in California.

Alexi’s Uncle (who is really her mom’s cousin’s husband) let us borrow his car for the day.  We got to go meet up with Dev and Aimee at Venice Beach.  That was so much fun!  I got really sunburned, but it was well worth it.  Venice Beach is such an experience.  If you live in Atlanta, it’s like Little Five Points, but outdoors.

We were going to go meet up with Shawna, but our paths never seemed to cross, so we went to Culver City Park for a few minutes.  It was so nice!  There’s a spot that overlooks the city of Los Angeles.  So so cool!

Aimee said that we should go see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 2 at the Chinese Theater, which is a freakin’ stroke of genius because we had no idea what we were going to do otherwise.  So, we all piled back into the car and drove through the crazy streets of Hollywood to meet up with Tara and Elizabeth for HPDH2.  Tara nearly crushed me with her awesome hug!

That was definitely a great night of adventures and getting lost within the city of Los Angeles.  I feel like that’s what my life is.  A series of getting lost and having adventures.

Also, August is Voldey Appreciation Month, so go check a Canadian brutha out.


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