Pre-VidCon Day 3&4

Wednesday, Alexi and I figured out the Hollywood train system, with much help from her aunt.  We got where we wanted to go, and met up with Tara and Elizabeth (my Australian counterpart) at the In-N-Out on Sunset Boulevard.  It was magical, to say the least.  This was my first ever In-N-Out experience.  This is the part in which I, yet again, compare something from CA to something in Atlanta.  We have this thing here called The Varsity.  It’s like a much greasier version of In-N-Out.  In-N-Out beats The Varsity by many a mile.  If I remember correctly, they put a mixture of ketchup, mustard, and mayo on their hamburgers.  It was AMAZING.  I will forever sing the praises of the wonderful In-N-Out.  And their fries.  I want to eat them.

After that, Alexi whipped out a map to take us from Sunset to the street in which one can find Whimsic Alley.  If you don’t know what Whimsic Alley is, you should watch this video.  There’s a shop in the front, and then that is in a back room.

I’m fairly certain that we walked 3 miles to get there.  I was in the wrong shoes for such a journey, so of course I ended up re-pulling a muscle in my foot and all of us were in some sort of pain by the time we got there.  It was well worth it to see the shop and the wands and such.  We didn’t get to see the Great Hall.  Well, Alexi and I saw a sliver of it as one of the workers opened the door to go in there.

I was walking around the shop a bit, and Secret Brother Tom came up to me!  I met him last year at VidCon Sunday Brunch and he remembered me.  I didn’t expect it at all!  Anyway, it was nice seeing him again.

Alexi, Tara, Elizabeth, and I rode the bus back to downtown Hollywood, ate some IHOP, and walked around a bit.  On our way out, we saw helicoptors fly over and didn’t think anything of it until we saw all of these massive groups of people.  We had no idea what was going on, so I looked it up on Google News on my phone.  Some DJ had tweeted that there would be a free party for a screening of a movie, but in reality the screening was private.  So, there was a mob of people “rioting”.  I don’t think there was actually rioting, but it was just a massive crowd thinking they could get into the Chinese theater.  The LA cops came out in riot gear and such.  And do they mean business!  Alexi and I tried to get back to our train stop, but the cops said we needed to walk to the next stop.  So we had to walk about 5 blocks to the Hollywood & Vine train stop.  Oh my word, we were beat by the time we got there.

Thursday mainly involved chilling before we went to the Hyatt for checking in and greeting a TON of friends.  As soon as I walked in, I saw Amelia and Leslie, Aly, Zach, Justin, and quite a few other people.  HUGS EVERYWHERE.  Seriously, the lobby was hug central.  It was great.  I think after checking in, we went to find food things at the Gelson’s deli that Robyn told us about.  She’s so helpful!

Then we went to ConTour, which was explosively amazing.  It made up for the lack of dancing which was Atlanta ConTour.  It was AWESOME.  Oh my gosh, I think that was my favorite concert experience outside of the VidCon nightly concerts.

On the way back, the bus didn’t come!  But I got to see my friend Shannon before the people I was with got a cab back to the hotel.

This post is quite lengthy.  The rest of the night involved hanging out into the wee hours, getting trolled by a couple of tweens, and Celine being a popular youtuber with 50k subscribers (according to said trollz).



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