Everything is VidCon and nothing hurts.

Friday was opening ceremony, which was… Interesting.  I mean, I love Vlogbrothers, but for some reason or another, someone decided that Annoying Orange should be a part of this timeslot.  Erm.  ‘Kay.  Moving on.

I don’t remember if I stayed in the main ballroom afterward or if the college panel was directly afterward.  Anyway, the college panel surprised me.  First off, I went last year…  The crowd definitely tripled in size from last year.  There were people standing up and sitting in the aisle.  I was so proud of the panel.  KoolJeffrey hosted, and Adam, Matt, Zach, Emma, and Michelle were the panel members.  They had a lot of interesting things to say about balancing school and YouTube.  Mainly the topic of what do you do when your roommate won’t leave and various other topics.  As well as saying that school always comes first.

Over the past two-ish weeks, I haven’t gotten a lot of videomaking done.  I meant to make several different videos, but I’ve only gotten one up because of school.  I had to cram in two papers, a test, and a presentation.  All were fairly easy, but left no time for editing.  I think I recorded one video and didn’t actually have time to get it up until after VidCon.  So no matter how much I love making videos, school is number one.

A few of my friends and I stuck around after the panel and hung out.  I got to meet Matt for the first time!  He always has interesting vlogs.  Here‘s a favorite of mine.


We all went to lunch, and oh gosh I wish I had a Baja Fresh near my house.  Their stuff isn’t too expensive, so it was nice having a simple burrito and some chips and salsa.  I made everyone try the mango salsa.  ADDICTIVE.

I have in my notes “DFTBA Booth” … I don’t know why.  Moving on!  I got to meet Jocelyn and Chris!!!  We’ve known each other for over a year.  I know them from when we were all active on South Pole of the Moon.  I know it’s still an active community, but I haven’t been on the site in so long.  Anyway, it was nice meeting them for the first time!  Jocelyn and I were in the first generation of triads on the site, so it was a meeting that was JOYOUS.  And we touched each others’ faces.  And took pictures.  And yeah.

I have a bunch of gibberish written down for the rest of the day, so onto Saturday!

Saturday, I went to two different panels, I believe.  YEAH GO ME.  I know it doesn’t seem like a lot, but there were so many things going on at once that I was lucky to find time.  I went to one called YouTube Tools & You and it was about the creator hub that YouTube is starting up.  This is something that we’ve needed as a community for a while.  Forums are nice, but this will be a nice central location for education, advice, and more!  They also talked about having YouTube on televisions and XBox.  The central computer in my house actually uses the tv as a monitor, so I’m sure they mean as a channel or as an option on your cable???

Anyway, the creator hub will have tools, programs, and more.  It’ll be located here.  I think there’s already tutorials from people like Corey Vidal.

I think it’s also a way to help YouTube as a site understand how popular content gets made and so they can learn this from their users.  We really do shape this site.

Tomorrow, I’m just going to have a re-cap and response-ish thing to the Braincrack panel as well as the Ze Frank interview.

This has been a super-long post by ME.

Happy Voldey appreciation month!


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