Brain Crack & Ze Frank.

So, probably the best and most influential panels of all of VidCon were the ones involving Ze Frank.  I know, weird to say, right?  Honestly though, he is one of the most creative an innovative people on the internet.  I mean, other than the people creating the technologies we use to log onto such platforms.

The first panel he was on was called “Brain Crack” which involved himself, Hank Green, Alex Day, and Kurt Hugo Schneider.  They’re all fairly easy to find either by YouTube or Google.  Have at it.

The panel wasn’t just to talk about the wacky ideas these guys have come up with over the year.  Although I though Alex’s idea about a reboot of Power Puff Girls was quite hilarious.  They talked about what to do with said brain crack and what to do if it doesn’t quite work out.

Even though I’m always team, “Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today,” it’s kind of nice to let things marinate before you jump into planning a project.  I’ve only had one major project while on Youtube, and it wasn’t planned very well, so it sort of… Erm… It was okay.  It could’ve been planned better.  But as one of the panel members said (Hank, I believe), if you fail at something, it’s still a learning experience.

Something big that I’ve learned from this experience is that when you have downtime after a project or whaaaatever, that’s when you can kind of let your mind simmer and ideas start bubbling up.  That’s the main reason why I carried around a notebook at VidCon.  I knew that I would be inspired to create new things and try different ideas, so I always had my tools to help me plan such things.

I almost forgot what I was about to write.  SAD.  Anyway, I came up with a half-baked idea, and I still need to plan it because I have a new format in the works.  I’ll still be using the old format at the beginning of videos, but this new format is something I’m excited about.  It’s nothing really new to the internet world, much less youtube, but it’s new for me and it’s something that I would really like to play with.  You will see!  It’s definitely going to help me make material that matters to me.

Saturday was also the day in which I got to see a lovely group of friends perform music and poetry.  ‘Twas awesome.  And then there was coffee, dinner, music, and dancing.

And this concludes the end of the VidCon blogs.  Tomorrow will be something new and whatnot.  I have no idea what it will be, so yeahhh.

Happy Voldey Appreciation Month!


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