RE: Bringing the YouTube Community Back Together

I know, I know, the last time I attempted to make a response to a community discussion, I ended up cooling down and thinking something different and privated the video.  But this is different.  I want to take the discussion from both sides and see how it goes.  This is the video I’m responding to.  It’s from EmilyTheBravee and she is a lovely individual.

The Watcher side of the conversation:  I am in that category of “I watch a lot of videos and try to comment as much as I can”.  But I am also quite anxious.  Well, I have social anxieties that get me shaking when I’m in front of a crowd.  But to overcome this, I just have to dive in and hope I say the right thing.  Well, there’s not really a “Right” thing, but you can definitely learn to say something more than just “I watch your videos.”  And then walking away.  Most makers are kind enough to carry a conversation with you and make you less nervous.  I don’t think I’ve run into a Maker that was particularly rude when I approached him/her.  So, although you may be nervous, act confident and carry a smile.

I’m not too sure about “Make videos!” because not everyone wishes to actually put their face out there to the world.  But definitely, DEFINITELY, join in the conversation.  You never know what kinds of friends you’ll make just by commenting or showing up to someone’s live show.

The Maker side of the conversation:  It is so amazing getting to meet subscribers and followers and fellow people of the internet.  Now, I understand that some people get bombarded by fangirls and such, so sure, if you can’t handle it, deal with it how you wish.  But I appreciate people like Alex Day, which I’ve heard only nice things about his interactions with his subscribers.  He’ll stand around and talk to people, take pictures, sign stuff.  This might be the only time you’ll meet this certain set of subscribers, so make yourself accessible if you can!  Like I said before, if it’s to the point of mob, feel free to take time to yourself, but get to know the people who watch your videos.  That’s how I met Charlotte, and now we’re friends.

I love Vidcon and Playlist because it reminds me that there are real people on both sides of the screen.  For these people to always be real to me, I join in on community discussions, video responses, etc.  If you can break through anxieties and be bravee, you’ll succeed and you’ll live with few regrets (in my personal opinion anyway).

Please please please leave feedback/comments!  How do you overcome social anxieties?  Have you ever approached someone you admire?  Do you have any advice for Watchers and/or Makers to tear down this wall?

Also, Happy Voldey Appreciation Month.


4 thoughts on “RE: Bringing the YouTube Community Back Together

  1. I think one way that the wall could be broken down, is for both “sides” to remember that we’re all human, people are part of this community because they’re passionate about the videos made and the videos they make. I think YouTube has given us a great community and I can only hope that I become a bigger part of that 🙂

  2. I never really had a problem with social anxieties, I tend to do what I’m thinking and then either regret it or be grateful to myself. And I live in Winnipeg, so no one I admire ever turns up here…in the empty flat prairie…that’s always too hot or too cold…THATS A STEREOTYPE!! Autumn and spring are lovely, but I digress…
    Liz I just used a fancy word and now I forget what I was going to say, So you’re an awesome person, love your vids, k, bye!

    • I think what I meant was just like you said… Sometimes in the spirit of the moment, we just SAY things because that’s all we can think of. To say, “Don’t put this person on a pedestal” is kind of weird being that our generation went from idolizing the untouchable actors and actresses and musicians, to now when we can see our favorite YouTubers in person (more accessible). Yeah.

  3. I agree with all of this whole-heartedly. I’ve never had a particularly bad experience meeting people I watch/follow online. They’ve all been really nice and willing to chat with me at least for a little while. If you want to meet someone that you watch online or in person, just go for it. That’s been my motto, although in some cases it’s easier said than done (i.e. the fact that I turned into a 12 year old girl every time I was in the same place as Phillip Defranco during Vidcon and never had a proper conversation with him). But I’m glad I introduced myself to you because now we’re pals! You da you da best. 🙂

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