BEDA 7: The Queen of Hair.

I asked friends on Twitter what I should talk about today.  So, blame them if this turns out quite strangely.

As I’m watching what I think is Pretty Little Liars Teen Spirit on ABC Family, I will tell you about the Queen of England and my hair.

I believe what Pottsie was asking was about Queen Elizabeth II, so we’ll go for that.  From what I remember from her Wikipedia page, I could tell that she is such a strong woman.  She took charge of her country during a tough time period and continues to do so.  It takes a strong person to do such things while raising a family.

About HAIR.  Well, my hair.  Thanks Laurel.

Even though I’ve had hair since I was born (I’ve seen pictures) this story starts when I was in 6th grade.  This is when my hair decided that it had a mind of its own.  It started getting frizzy and curly, and I didn’t know what to do with it.  I pulled it into a dewdrop (popular at the time) and moussed the hair down.  It was an… Interesting look.  My mom made me experiment with my hair.  She put cocoa butter in my hair.  Let me tell you, that was the hardest stuff to get out one I got it in.

From then on, I gelled the crap out of it, which was probably the best decision.

In about 12th grade, I discovered the hair straightener.  Sure, it let different styles, but I think it damaged my hair more than anything else.

A few months ago, I got tired of straightening, pulling, etc.  Liane Graham mentioned on her tumblr that she was following the Curly Girl Method.  Although it has helped a lot, I’ve tweaked it and found what works for me.  I think we all have to find these things for ourselves.  It isn’t a search to look pretty, it’s just a search to find what works for my hair so it doesn’t look like som frizzy mess.

Oh, and Justine says I should talk about Julie Andrew’s face tattoos.  She hides them behind lots of stage make up, but on the inside, she’s a fighter.  I mean, did you see Sound of Music?  Do you think the Nazi’s just left them alone?!  No.  Julie fought them down HARD.

And this concludes the most ridiculous blog post I’ve ever written.

Happy Voldey Appreciation Month!


Edit: Chelsea is awesome.  She even said so!  And she’s awesome.


6 thoughts on “BEDA 7: The Queen of Hair.

  1. Oh man I loved the part about the face tattoos, I think I should discuss them with people more because she does work hard in keeping them out of sight from fans and that’s commendable, I just wish she’d tell me the meanings of the other ones besides that the elephant symbolizes the perpetual motion of the spaceship that revolves around the sun. Cheers

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