All I really want to do is get back to reading A Kiss In Time by Alex Flinn (SO much better than Beastly), but I really need to write this BEDA post before I forget.

I thought about posting about various topics again, but I haven’t done enough research on the London Riots.  There’s just so much information going on right now that it’s hard to tell what’s the truth and what’s just someone’s opinion on the matter.

Anyway, today, I woke up, lazed and lazed some more.  Watched a bit of “Me and Orson Wells”.  I’m on a Zefron kick since watching him in “17 Again” last night after the Teen Choice Awards.  It’s not a bad movie so far, but I’m only about an hour in.

I went to work, which was quite alright.  I had two customers before it started pouring down rain.  And I don’t just mean a little bit.  It was like torrential downpour.  You don’t want to be out in that mess.  I think it would give you bruises!  Water started leaking in, which was kind of scary because we have kits close to the door that are in cardboard boxes. If they get wet, they might mold or something.  Euughhh.

This is such an exciting blog post.

It’s raining again.

My sister’s boyfriend bought a Canon Rebel t3i and I’m supremely jealous.  She said she’d start vlogging, so yeahhhh!  She better.  Just kidding, but once she gets the right lenses for it, it’ll be awesooome.

I think I’ll go back to reading so I can finish this book and finish up the reading for Abundance of Katherines.

Happy Voldey Appreciation Month!


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