BEDA 9: I fell off the horse.

I was going to tell every camp story I know.  Instead, I’ll just tell you all about the time I fell off a horse.

At winter camp with a church, I went horseback riding with about 10 other girls.  It was really tough getting on the horse because I’m 5’4 with zero muscle mass.  Pulling myself up was not much of an option since this horse was so tall.  I got some help up and hoped like none other that I would never fall off.

This was after lunch for both the horses and our crew of girls, so you can imagine how the horses are probably behaving.  And by behaving, I mean, their bowels.  When they’re digesting stuff, the saddle starts… getting loose.  So, one girl totally fell off her horse.  I felt mine sliding around a bit, but I hoped like heck that nothing would happen.

About 10 minutes later, I started sliding off.  Thankfully, we weren’t in motion, and I made sure to get my feet out of the saddle as soon as possible.  I had a friend at another camp that somehow fell off a horse and her foot got stuck and the horse kept going.  Fast.  I wasn’t about to let that happen to me.

It didn’t hurt much at the time, and I’m pretty sure I just started laughing.  One of the rancher guys fixed the saddle and I got back on and we rode over hills and through the woods.  And creeks.  The horses really liked stopping at creeks.

And that is how I fell off a horse.

There are many more camp stories, but that’s the most entertaining one I have.


2 thoughts on “BEDA 9: I fell off the horse.

  1. I’ve never fallen off a horse, which is surprising because I’m around them all the time. I’ve come close. My horse went really super fast at one point and I just got off. Facing fears #LIKEABAUCE

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