Things that make Liz uncomfortable: a list.

This is based off of this post by Alexi.  I thought it was a neat idea, so I thought I’d share mine.

1.  Alcoholism in my family. It sucks that we can’t go one family function without people getting sloppy drunk.  It’s annoying to the people who actually want to enjoy Thanksgiving without having to baby sit you.  This isn’t something I talk about with a lot of people because alcoholism is embarrassing!  And I hate complaining about family because when they aren’t drunk, they’re quite awesome.

2.  My half-brother.  He is in prison after a long chain of events.  Also, not that I think he owes me anything, but it would’ve been really cool if he had decided to live with dad instead of his mom.  And I hate that he blames my dad (technically our dad, but um) for what he’s become.  I don’t think I’ll ever be close to him, to be honest.  My mom and I talk about this every so often, but I don’t talk about it to anyone else because it makes me sad.  BUT he has an amazing daughter who is almost 16 and she is becoming quite the amazing young lady.  I pray for her to be the best she can be, given her circumstances.

3.  Where I work.  It comes up, and I’d rather not talk about it because it is a family business and I’d rather not make that public knowledge to my youtube/internet following.

4.  This isn’t an uncomfortable topic of conversation, but when I sit on my grandma’s old sectional couch (which is now in my television room), I feel really odd when I eat on the couch or when I have my feet on the couch.  It’s like she’s still sitting in her recliner, watching me.  So most of the time, I’ll have my feet off the edge of the couch to keep the couch in perfect condition.


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