All I really want to do is get back to reading A Kiss In Time by Alex Flinn (SO much better than Beastly), but I really need to write this BEDA post before I forget.

I thought about posting about various topics again, but I haven’t done enough research on the London Riots.  There’s just so much information going on right now that it’s hard to tell what’s the truth and what’s just someone’s opinion on the matter.

Anyway, today, I woke up, lazed and lazed some more.  Watched a bit of “Me and Orson Wells”.  I’m on a Zefron kick since watching him in “17 Again” last night after the Teen Choice Awards.  It’s not a bad movie so far, but I’m only about an hour in.

I went to work, which was quite alright.  I had two customers before it started pouring down rain.  And I don’t just mean a little bit.  It was like torrential downpour.  You don’t want to be out in that mess.  I think it would give you bruises!  Water started leaking in, which was kind of scary because we have kits close to the door that are in cardboard boxes. If they get wet, they might mold or something.  Euughhh.

This is such an exciting blog post.

It’s raining again.

My sister’s boyfriend bought a Canon Rebel t3i and I’m supremely jealous.  She said she’d start vlogging, so yeahhhh!  She better.  Just kidding, but once she gets the right lenses for it, it’ll be awesooome.

I think I’ll go back to reading so I can finish this book and finish up the reading for Abundance of Katherines.

Happy Voldey Appreciation Month!

BEDA 7: The Queen of Hair.

I asked friends on Twitter what I should talk about today.  So, blame them if this turns out quite strangely.

As I’m watching what I think is Pretty Little Liars Teen Spirit on ABC Family, I will tell you about the Queen of England and my hair.

I believe what Pottsie was asking was about Queen Elizabeth II, so we’ll go for that.  From what I remember from her Wikipedia page, I could tell that she is such a strong woman.  She took charge of her country during a tough time period and continues to do so.  It takes a strong person to do such things while raising a family.

About HAIR.  Well, my hair.  Thanks Laurel.

Even though I’ve had hair since I was born (I’ve seen pictures) this story starts when I was in 6th grade.  This is when my hair decided that it had a mind of its own.  It started getting frizzy and curly, and I didn’t know what to do with it.  I pulled it into a dewdrop (popular at the time) and moussed the hair down.  It was an… Interesting look.  My mom made me experiment with my hair.  She put cocoa butter in my hair.  Let me tell you, that was the hardest stuff to get out one I got it in.

From then on, I gelled the crap out of it, which was probably the best decision.

In about 12th grade, I discovered the hair straightener.  Sure, it let different styles, but I think it damaged my hair more than anything else.

A few months ago, I got tired of straightening, pulling, etc.  Liane Graham mentioned on her tumblr that she was following the Curly Girl Method.  Although it has helped a lot, I’ve tweaked it and found what works for me.  I think we all have to find these things for ourselves.  It isn’t a search to look pretty, it’s just a search to find what works for my hair so it doesn’t look like som frizzy mess.

Oh, and Justine says I should talk about Julie Andrew’s face tattoos.  She hides them behind lots of stage make up, but on the inside, she’s a fighter.  I mean, did you see Sound of Music?  Do you think the Nazi’s just left them alone?!  No.  Julie fought them down HARD.

And this concludes the most ridiculous blog post I’ve ever written.

Happy Voldey Appreciation Month!


Edit: Chelsea is awesome.  She even said so!  And she’s awesome.

You are significant.

Really, you are.  God didn’t create you to play chess.  You aren’t a doll in his imaginary world.  He didn’t create man and then rush off to mess with some other world.  No.  He had all of these people who are now living on Earth when he first created this place.  But he loves each and every one of us.

As humans, we really lack comprehension of this because if we are meant to care for more than a handful of people, we become over-stretched and very stressed.  And then we have to take care of ourselves.  But God is a BIG God.  He doesn’t need to worry about stress or sleep or anything.  He just takes care of us.

Sometimes we find ourselves feeling very insignificant.  As if we’re a grand on this beach called Eternity.  We sit here, hoping to be noticed by someone.  If you’re doing this, you’re doing it wrong.  Instead of looking for people, you should be looking for God.  God wants you to love him, and everything else will follow suit (Psalm 46:10).  Seriously.  I’ve spent a lot of days worrying what will happen to my future.  After a while, I just get extremely tired.  I give my burdens to God.  He gladly takes them (Matthew 11:28-30).  He sorts them out and leads me down the right path.  He will take care of you.  You need to trust in Him!  It takes a lot, yes, but once you can hand these things over to God, the better off you are.

You are His.  All His.  If there’s anything in the world that is keeping you from God, you need to repent.  Cast it away.  Embrace your Father.  He cares for you so much.

Thoughts from Spaces.

Okay, I have no idea what that title means.

Tonight, on our way home from dinner, Grandpa mentioned that when he graduated high school, he knew everyone from his high school and a neighboring school as well.  He graduated, enlisted in what we now call the Air Force, and became a fighter pilot in World War II.  He came back home, and found that most of his friends were gone, either by leaving or dying.  He went off to college, made new friends, graduated.  He went to the Korean War.  He came home, and most of his friends from college were gone as well.

I know it’s a sad story, but it made me glad that we don’t live in those times.  Yes, we do have a conflict going on in the Middle East, but it isn’t as drastic as the World Wars were.  I can count on the fact that the majority of my high school classmates are still alive and kicking.  All of the friends I’ve made in college are all still alive.

Also, the internet.  I know I don’t say this very often, but when I feel lonely, like there’s no one physically around, I can always count on friends being on Skype, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, etc.  I can connect with humans and talk to them on a daily basis, if not hourly.  It’s comforting knowing that people are right there, at my fingertips.  These relationships/friendships are some of the most open and honest relationships I’ve had.

And for that, I am truly grateful.

People are so unbelievably stupid today.

And creepy.

My mom and I went into the shop today to find out that it’s been flooded.  Yep.  A pipe from upstairs leaked warm, soapy water.  We begged and pleaded with their waiters (of the Mexican restaurant upstairs), then I called the landlord so that he could call the owner of the restaurant.  He came by in a heartbeat and looked at it, turned off the water that goes into that pipe.  He’s a cool guy, but the people who work for him are just… Idiots.

And people keep asking me stupid questions via Twitter.  One of them was so creepy.  One of my friends was having a rough day, so I at-replied her an “internet hug.”  This dude replies, “Where my hug?”  Dude, you don’t even know either of us!  Ugh.  And yeah, that’s a straight quote.  I told him what was up.  “Yea butt how u?”  I am not even going to respond to that.

I can blame it on the past three days being extremely overcast, but really.  *sigh*  People.