Jim Henson.

So, I was strolling through the internet– as you do– when I kept seeing people post links for NPR’s streaming of The Green Album.  It’s basically a compilation of covers by OK Go, Hayley Williams, Weezer, and more of songs originally sung by Muppets.

You’re assisting the audience to understand; you’re giving them a bridge or an access. And if you don’t give them that, if you keep it more abstract, it’s almost more pure. It’s a cooler thing.

With The Muppets movie coming out in November, it has me remembering how Jim Henson’s Muppets have affected my life.  I mean, I grew up on a few Fraggle Rock episodes recorded on a VHS tape, Sesame Street taught me the alphabet and many social lessons, and my family watched the Muppet movies religiously.

I know a lot of people who talk about Harry Potter characters as if they are their real friends, the characters they grew up with.  Well, I grew up with Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, Oscar the Grouch, The Count, Maria and Gordon.  I freaking remember Maria’s baby shower!  I grew up with Miss Piggie, Gonzo, Kermit, Beaker and Dr Honeydew, AND OH GOSH I can’t forget: Statler and Waldorf!  Sweetums.  Oh goodness, Sweetums.

Gah.  Jim Henson created so many amazing and lovable characters.  His optimism and faith in mankind shone through these characters, and although he’s said that Kermit isn’t his alter-ego, Kermit definitely displays those same morals.

When I was young, my ambition was to be one of the people who made a difference in this world. My hope still is to leave the world a little bit better for my having been here. It’s a wonderful life and I love it.

Yeah, so, moral of the story: Jim Henson was one awesome dude.  He taught me that friends are quite important and treating them with respect.  I mean, Follow That Bird is about Big Bird trying to fit in, to find out that he fit in with his friends more than he fit in with the Dodo family.



BEDA 10: Pottermore Survey

This is a response blog to Hayley’s blooooog.  You should follow it.  I find her blog to be one of the most entertaining blogs.  I mean, she could write about her love of recorders, and I would find it fascinating.

  1. What’s your Pottermore username? LumosSickle192
  2. What House do you think it sounds like? Gryffindor.  I’m not exactly sure why.
  3. What House do you want to be in?  I’m not too picky, but I’ve been aligned with the house of Hufflepuff as of late.  But I really don’t see myself being in Slytherin.  Ever.
  4. Does your username relate to you at all?  I bring light and money?  Yep.  Just about right.
  5. What kind of wand would you wish to get? Probably something similar to Hermione’s.  I just think it’s pretty with all the vines.
  6. Are you pure, half-blooded or Muggle born? half-blooded.  My mom is so magical.
  7. Which day did you get into Pottermore? August 3rd.  I think that’s the… fourth day?  I remember people getting in on the 31st, so I’d say 4th.
  8. What shape is your Patronus? A book.
  9. What does your boggart look like? Shanaynay.  No explanation needed.
  10. Would you rather be an Animagus or a Matamorphmagus? Animagus.  Sirius MoFreakin’ Black.
  11. If you were an Animagus, what animal would you be? I would say squirrel so I could blend in very well, but they are REALLY stupid.  So I’ll go with a highland terrier.  They run so fast!

BEDA 9: I fell off the horse.

I was going to tell every camp story I know.  Instead, I’ll just tell you all about the time I fell off a horse.

At winter camp with a church, I went horseback riding with about 10 other girls.  It was really tough getting on the horse because I’m 5’4 with zero muscle mass.  Pulling myself up was not much of an option since this horse was so tall.  I got some help up and hoped like none other that I would never fall off.

This was after lunch for both the horses and our crew of girls, so you can imagine how the horses are probably behaving.  And by behaving, I mean, their bowels.  When they’re digesting stuff, the saddle starts… getting loose.  So, one girl totally fell off her horse.  I felt mine sliding around a bit, but I hoped like heck that nothing would happen.

About 10 minutes later, I started sliding off.  Thankfully, we weren’t in motion, and I made sure to get my feet out of the saddle as soon as possible.  I had a friend at another camp that somehow fell off a horse and her foot got stuck and the horse kept going.  Fast.  I wasn’t about to let that happen to me.

It didn’t hurt much at the time, and I’m pretty sure I just started laughing.  One of the rancher guys fixed the saddle and I got back on and we rode over hills and through the woods.  And creeks.  The horses really liked stopping at creeks.

And that is how I fell off a horse.

There are many more camp stories, but that’s the most entertaining one I have.

All I really want to do is get back to reading A Kiss In Time by Alex Flinn (SO much better than Beastly), but I really need to write this BEDA post before I forget.

I thought about posting about various topics again, but I haven’t done enough research on the London Riots.  There’s just so much information going on right now that it’s hard to tell what’s the truth and what’s just someone’s opinion on the matter.

Anyway, today, I woke up, lazed and lazed some more.  Watched a bit of “Me and Orson Wells”.  I’m on a Zefron kick since watching him in “17 Again” last night after the Teen Choice Awards.  It’s not a bad movie so far, but I’m only about an hour in.

I went to work, which was quite alright.  I had two customers before it started pouring down rain.  And I don’t just mean a little bit.  It was like torrential downpour.  You don’t want to be out in that mess.  I think it would give you bruises!  Water started leaking in, which was kind of scary because we have kits close to the door that are in cardboard boxes. If they get wet, they might mold or something.  Euughhh.

This is such an exciting blog post.

It’s raining again.

My sister’s boyfriend bought a Canon Rebel t3i and I’m supremely jealous.  She said she’d start vlogging, so yeahhhh!  She better.  Just kidding, but once she gets the right lenses for it, it’ll be awesooome.

I think I’ll go back to reading so I can finish this book and finish up the reading for Abundance of Katherines.

Happy Voldey Appreciation Month!

BEDA 7: The Queen of Hair.

I asked friends on Twitter what I should talk about today.  So, blame them if this turns out quite strangely.

As I’m watching what I think is Pretty Little Liars Teen Spirit on ABC Family, I will tell you about the Queen of England and my hair.

I believe what Pottsie was asking was about Queen Elizabeth II, so we’ll go for that.  From what I remember from her Wikipedia page, I could tell that she is such a strong woman.  She took charge of her country during a tough time period and continues to do so.  It takes a strong person to do such things while raising a family.

About HAIR.  Well, my hair.  Thanks Laurel.

Even though I’ve had hair since I was born (I’ve seen pictures) this story starts when I was in 6th grade.  This is when my hair decided that it had a mind of its own.  It started getting frizzy and curly, and I didn’t know what to do with it.  I pulled it into a dewdrop (popular at the time) and moussed the hair down.  It was an… Interesting look.  My mom made me experiment with my hair.  She put cocoa butter in my hair.  Let me tell you, that was the hardest stuff to get out one I got it in.

From then on, I gelled the crap out of it, which was probably the best decision.

In about 12th grade, I discovered the hair straightener.  Sure, it let different styles, but I think it damaged my hair more than anything else.

A few months ago, I got tired of straightening, pulling, etc.  Liane Graham mentioned on her tumblr that she was following the Curly Girl Method.  Although it has helped a lot, I’ve tweaked it and found what works for me.  I think we all have to find these things for ourselves.  It isn’t a search to look pretty, it’s just a search to find what works for my hair so it doesn’t look like som frizzy mess.

Oh, and Justine says I should talk about Julie Andrew’s face tattoos.  She hides them behind lots of stage make up, but on the inside, she’s a fighter.  I mean, did you see Sound of Music?  Do you think the Nazi’s just left them alone?!  No.  Julie fought them down HARD.

And this concludes the most ridiculous blog post I’ve ever written.

Happy Voldey Appreciation Month!


Edit: Chelsea is awesome.  She even said so!  And she’s awesome.

RE: Bringing the YouTube Community Back Together

I know, I know, the last time I attempted to make a response to a community discussion, I ended up cooling down and thinking something different and privated the video.  But this is different.  I want to take the discussion from both sides and see how it goes.  This is the video I’m responding to.  It’s from EmilyTheBravee and she is a lovely individual.

The Watcher side of the conversation:  I am in that category of “I watch a lot of videos and try to comment as much as I can”.  But I am also quite anxious.  Well, I have social anxieties that get me shaking when I’m in front of a crowd.  But to overcome this, I just have to dive in and hope I say the right thing.  Well, there’s not really a “Right” thing, but you can definitely learn to say something more than just “I watch your videos.”  And then walking away.  Most makers are kind enough to carry a conversation with you and make you less nervous.  I don’t think I’ve run into a Maker that was particularly rude when I approached him/her.  So, although you may be nervous, act confident and carry a smile.

I’m not too sure about “Make videos!” because not everyone wishes to actually put their face out there to the world.  But definitely, DEFINITELY, join in the conversation.  You never know what kinds of friends you’ll make just by commenting or showing up to someone’s live show.

The Maker side of the conversation:  It is so amazing getting to meet subscribers and followers and fellow people of the internet.  Now, I understand that some people get bombarded by fangirls and such, so sure, if you can’t handle it, deal with it how you wish.  But I appreciate people like Alex Day, which I’ve heard only nice things about his interactions with his subscribers.  He’ll stand around and talk to people, take pictures, sign stuff.  This might be the only time you’ll meet this certain set of subscribers, so make yourself accessible if you can!  Like I said before, if it’s to the point of mob, feel free to take time to yourself, but get to know the people who watch your videos.  That’s how I met Charlotte, and now we’re friends.

I love Vidcon and Playlist because it reminds me that there are real people on both sides of the screen.  For these people to always be real to me, I join in on community discussions, video responses, etc.  If you can break through anxieties and be bravee, you’ll succeed and you’ll live with few regrets (in my personal opinion anyway).

Please please please leave feedback/comments!  How do you overcome social anxieties?  Have you ever approached someone you admire?  Do you have any advice for Watchers and/or Makers to tear down this wall?

Also, Happy Voldey Appreciation Month.

Brain Crack & Ze Frank.

So, probably the best and most influential panels of all of VidCon were the ones involving Ze Frank.  I know, weird to say, right?  Honestly though, he is one of the most creative an innovative people on the internet.  I mean, other than the people creating the technologies we use to log onto such platforms.

The first panel he was on was called “Brain Crack” which involved himself, Hank Green, Alex Day, and Kurt Hugo Schneider.  They’re all fairly easy to find either by YouTube or Google.  Have at it.

The panel wasn’t just to talk about the wacky ideas these guys have come up with over the year.  Although I though Alex’s idea about a reboot of Power Puff Girls was quite hilarious.  They talked about what to do with said brain crack and what to do if it doesn’t quite work out.

Even though I’m always team, “Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today,” it’s kind of nice to let things marinate before you jump into planning a project.  I’ve only had one major project while on Youtube, and it wasn’t planned very well, so it sort of… Erm… It was okay.  It could’ve been planned better.  But as one of the panel members said (Hank, I believe), if you fail at something, it’s still a learning experience.

Something big that I’ve learned from this experience is that when you have downtime after a project or whaaaatever, that’s when you can kind of let your mind simmer and ideas start bubbling up.  That’s the main reason why I carried around a notebook at VidCon.  I knew that I would be inspired to create new things and try different ideas, so I always had my tools to help me plan such things.

I almost forgot what I was about to write.  SAD.  Anyway, I came up with a half-baked idea, and I still need to plan it because I have a new format in the works.  I’ll still be using the old format at the beginning of videos, but this new format is something I’m excited about.  It’s nothing really new to the internet world, much less youtube, but it’s new for me and it’s something that I would really like to play with.  You will see!  It’s definitely going to help me make material that matters to me.

Saturday was also the day in which I got to see a lovely group of friends perform music and poetry.  ‘Twas awesome.  And then there was coffee, dinner, music, and dancing.

And this concludes the end of the VidCon blogs.  Tomorrow will be something new and whatnot.  I have no idea what it will be, so yeahhh.

Happy Voldey Appreciation Month!