NYC Day 1

NOTE: I’m in NYC for Book Expo America (BEA).

Today was.  I don’t know how else to explain it.  I felt like I was walking around in a life that wasn’t my own.  That or I AM GHOST.

I woke up this morning after three hours of sleep, and that was hard. My body was hating me last night, so I barely got down a scoop of breakfast before needing a full can of Sprite that I so graciously left in my dad’s car.

ATL of course is all about the stress free travel, so I got to my gate fairly quickly.  That flight felt long, but not full-feature movie long.

Sidenote: My plans changed yesterday so I ended up booking a hostel for the first four days of being here.  Also, I just read the “rules”.  One says, “Food and beverages are not allowed in the rooms and will be thrown out by housekeeping.”  I definitely slipped my chicken salad from Brooklyns Natural without a problem.

THAT’S RIGHT I WENT TO BROOKLYN.  My friend Jenn and I got together with her roommate to coordinate BEA schedules because that’s something you have to do to obtain the books you want.  My list is relatively short compared to theirs.  I am the odd ball.  I think I’m most excited about seeing BLOGGER FOLK and quite a few of my favorite authors.  Victoria Schwab and John Green, I’m lookin’ at you.

Also, there’s a lot of events I didn’t even know about that are happening concurrently with the conference/exposition.  So it’s good to know some BEA veterans.

I walked quite a bit today.  Probably as much when I was in Los Angeles last year.  I wish I had blogged some of that because Alexi and I, as well as a gaggle of friends, had some crazy adventures.  ANYWAY.  I walked from 11th/23rd to 5th/14th.  Because I am crazy and I needed the exercise. And sunshine. I had Jamba Juice for the first time in my memory.  I felt like I needed to tell my friend Dev because he is quite the JJ enthusiast.

Plans for tomorrow: There’s breakfast tomorrow morning at 8-9:30.  You know how we do… Slide in at 8:30 or something.  Anyway.  Anyway.  Then I’m going edit the frick out of a video.  If my roommate leaves for a good bit, I’ll make a BookTube News, but I am not certain on that as this hostel doesn’t have A/C so I’m dealing with street noise, as you would expect from Chelsea, NY.  Like, guys, I’m near Chelsea Pier.  I don’t know if that’s anything exciting, but I just had a rush of feelings when I walked past one of the pier buildings?  I dunno, maybe I’m falling in love with this city.  TO MAKE IT UP, I will be vlogging at BEA and BEA Blogger Con.  I will have no shame.  *nods*

NOTE: What the heck is my roommate listening to?  Goodness.  First, she’s listening to Rihanna, then fun., then some sort of Rod Stewart stuff.  And now back to the Rhianna/raggae hip hop stuff.  Whoever she’s listening to now either covers bits of Sean Kingston or vice versa.  I don’t even know music anymore.  She’s Argentinean so it’s all swell.  Okay, now she and I need to be best friends or something because she’s playing Party in the USA.  Girl, turn that up.

TL;DR – I’m in New York and it’s nice and humid and my legs are jello and my hostel roommate listens to a lot of American music.  And I got to meet and hang out with Jenn Levine. Cool.  Cool cool cool.